Help with 'Tips' & 'Heels'

Antonio Pacelli Tips & Heels

Arguably, the most important part of any heavy shoe is the tip. The Pacelli range offers a choice of three, each with different characteristics.

Leinster Tip

Pacelli's original tip, thousands of dancers have competed and won with the Leinster tip. Made from a composite material, this tip produces a good clear sound and is hard wearing and durable.

Concorde Tip

Developed some years ago, and made from a tough resin-bonded laminate material, this is probably the most hard wearing tip made. Producing a heavy "solid" sound, a major advantage of this durability is that the tip retains the sound for the life of the shoe, whilst other tips may wear, becoming less effective.

Liberty Tip

The latest design in tip technology from Pacelli, the new Liberty is manufactured from an extremely high density material with a distinctive, almost white colouration. In testing it was found to provide the loudest, sharpest sound of all the Pacelli tips.

Leinster Heel

The Leinster heel is usually teamed with the Leinster tip and is made from a hard black plastic with a grey resin heel-piece. Smart looking, this heel generates a good clear sound.

Concorde Heel

Made from the same tough material as the Concorde tip, this heel is fixed to the shoe by four steel pins through the white nylon heel-piece. Extremely durable, it has a convex shape which is a great aid to loud, clear "clicks".

Bubble Heel

This heel is prohibited by An Coimisiun, but is permitted to dancers competing under other codes. Where it is permissible its exaggerated convex shape helps provide the dancer with easier and sharper clicks. Any Pacelli shoe can be supplied with bubble heels to special order only.

Customising: To special order, specific combinations of tips and heels can be supplied e.g. Concorde heel with Leinster tip, or vice versa. Most tips are finished with a small "squared off" area at the front, this is to aid the dancer in getting on his or her toes. Should it be desired, this can be enlarged. Other bespoke features available are raised tips and higher heels.

Please contact us for information and advice regarding these, or any other requirements you may have.

Rutherfords Tips & Heels

Sound-Blaster Tip

Composition of tip includes a specially formulated micro-sand mixture which has earned the nickname "sound-blaster". Recommended as the loudest tip available! Sand glass tips have more traction and help eliminate up to 50% of slipping.

HyTech Heel

Made of a fibreglass construction and bolted on in triplicate.

Fays Tips & Heels

Millenium Tip

This high tech tip was developed a few years ago and is made from specially formulated fibreglass to Fays own composition. Very tough and durable with excellent sharp sound.

High Density Heel

Made from specially developed material the Fays heel is screwed on to the shoe for added strength and sound.